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Film Details:

Director: Eamon Hardiman

Year of release: 2012

Country of origin: USA

Running time: Not sure but I'd estimate at least 100 minutes.

DVD/Blu ray: Blu Ray only I think though this may just be the packaging with the actual disk possibly a standard DVD

Tagline: "Prepare to taste the grease in 3D".




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Casting the spotlight on the slasher genre

Story: A year or so on from his previous murder sprees pig obsessed killer Porkchop is still at large within a small backwoods town of West Virginia.  No longer a one man band, Porkchop is now aided by his illicit bastard daughter Pig Girl who exhibits all the murderous tendencies of her father.


This gruesome twosome are soon occupied by the arrival of a young woman named Heather, a previous victim from the last film who has since made good her escape only to return with vengeance on her mind.  She teams up with Teddy, the nephew of local business man and Porkchop adversary in his own right Bert Fleming.  Together the pair attempt to put an end to the maniacal hillbilly combination of father and daughter once and for all.  


Note: I watched this in 2D as the 3D seemed to have an odd split screen aspect to it which I've not encoutered before. As such I can't comment on the 3D but will watch it that way next time if giving it a re-watch down the road.  




Good points: *Easily one of the strongest things about the franchise as a whole is the look of the killer and this entry is no exception with Porkchop looking as intimidating and imposing as ever.  The filthy dirt splattered body combined with the excellent pig mask really make for a top of the range killer.  The mask has been tweaked this time with a longer piece covering the wearers neck together with more pointy ears and a darker colour tone.  I’d say that the mask was as good as ever, a positive change if anything lending to a more demonic look.  


I think I’m right In stating that Eamon Hardiman’s Porkchop franchise was the first example of a slasher villain utilising a pig mask.  So well did it turn out that it perhaps in some way went on to inspire other pig themed bad guys in films like Madison County and Tormented.


In Porkchop 3D there is a second killer of course in the form of Pig Girl and she very much looks the part as well with a great mask of her own.  It’s certainly a big step up from the more flimsy plastic looking Pig Girl mask used in Rise of the Rind.  



*This is a film with a very high body count and though they come thick and fast throughout the quality of the deaths remains pretty high.  Being made on a very small budget of just $3,000 the special effects are rather impressive.  As well as looking good the kills are very varied as well and largely different from one another.  Adding to the variety is the fact that they’re shared between two killers.



*Compared to Rise of the Rind this entry has more going for it in the way of continuity which is something I always appreciate seeing in a sequel.  A number of characters return in small roles such as Simon’s parents and two characters from the original including the controversial robot.  Other similarities include Shawn C Phillips returning this time in an introductory role as well as the original film referenced with the brother of a victim there being among the cast here.  


The Heather character (played by indy horror regular Kaylee Williams) had a bit part role last time out but returns here as well this time as final girl.  A helpful recap segment is included to remind us of her predicament from last time which was a useful memory jog for me.  Normally I criticise when a sequel churns out footage from a previous film but here it was an intelligent addition as it was brief and to the point.  It was a good way of reminding the audience of a character who up to this time was very minor and as such may not have stuck in the memory.  


Though he is probably a bit of a Marmite character series regular Bert Fleming also  returns in a key role for those that like him.  




Bad Points: *As an extremely low budget movie the sound quality as you might expect isn’t the best and I sometimes found it hard to catch everything that was being said.  I didn’t feel as if I missed anything significant but it’s always a bit annoying when you have to strain to hear.  



*If you’ve seen anything of the previous films you’ll know what to expect when it comes to the humour which is amped up to eleven and often of a crass and sexual nature.  In fairness I did find this one to be a bit more amusing than the others but the comedic approach is not so much my thing as I find it throws up too many unrealistic scenarios.  An example of this here would be the two horny guys bumping into the two attractive girls in the woods.  The language is too risque for my liking as well with too much swearing and sexual references being made.  Sometimes in slashers I think the young characters talk about sex more than is believable and this is one such film that falls into this category.  



*I can’t actually find a running time listed online nor did I time it as I was watching but I thought this seemed like rather a long film.  It was perhaps slightly too long for a production with a simple plot and there were a few instances where I felt it could have been trimmed down.  A part where Pig Girl is menacing a victim with a drill for example goes on a bit too long as does a segment where bounty hunters are taking a beer break.  It’s not a big problem though and due to a high number of kills things never become boring.  



*Minor spoilers: There were a few points where I felt the writing could have been tightened up somewhat where as it was things didn’t make enough sense or seemed rushed.  One instance where I thought this was with the vigilante group of which Heather was a part in the early stages.  It was odd that Mr Robertson was trying to get them to follow a script while still travelling within the vehicle.  It was designed to lure in Porkchop I know but he wouldn’t have been able to hear them at that point.  These characters didn’t seem to have much of a plan either, neither were they well-armed or prepared which seemed unrealistic seeing that they would know more than most how dangerous Porkchop was.  Heather aside they were all dispatched too quickly as well.  


There were some other parts that could have been better thought out as well such as the escaped convict not waking up despite all the noise of the drill.  Worse was how at one point Heather has Porkchop caught in a bear trap but just runs off to later link up with Teddy.  I assumed she was just looking for a weapon with which to finish him off but this wasn’t the case and she doesn’t mention to Teddy that she has the killer in a compromising position at all.  




Verdict: This is probably my favourite entry in the series with one of its best features being its creative and varied crop of kills which come in high numbers.  This, along with not one but two great looking killers really help to paper over the cracks of the films shortcomings.  Several returning faces help things move along as well but as ever with this franchise it’s very much geared towards sexual and juvenile comedy which isn’t to my personal taste.  There are some sound issues as well plus some unrealistic writing at times or parts that seem rushed.  


All in all though this holds up fairly well and turns out to be better than I would have expected taking into account the tiny production budget of just $3,000.  



5/10  48/100



Bodycount (contains major spoilers):

Note: I’m not counting either of the Pig Girl kills here.  I wasn’t sure if she was supposed to have actually been killed by Heather and the cop in the flashback with the current Pig Girl being just another of Porkchop’s daughters or if she somehow survived.  Certainly she is not killed at the end  as first assumed with a post credit sequence of her opening her eyes plus of course the spinoff film which came later).    


1)Chubby blonde guy: Bag placed over face and then beaten to death through the bag. (Porkchop)

2)Gretchen: Stabbed by Pig Girl after scuffle.

3)Dark haired male: Head punctured with rake or pickaxe type weapon. Then decapitated. (Porkchop).

4)Dark haired girl: Head bashed into tree. (Porkchop).

5)Drug dealer: Pig Girl appears at his car window so presumably he is killed off camera.

6)Male vigilante in blue shirt: Knife or dart thrown at his head taking out his eye. It’s not clear who throws it.

7)Mrs Robertson: Lynched over a high tree branch with a disembowelment to follow (Pig Girl).

8)Mr Robertson: Stabbed through the back multiple times with a spear type weapon by Pig Girl.  

9)Male picnic eater: Impaled through mid-section by knife thrown by Porkchop.

10)Female picnic eater: Same as number 9.  

11)Robot: Broken after being bashed on the head with a sledgehammer (Porkchop).

12)Dork character from original film: Lawn dart pushed into head with sledgehammer and then cut up with chainsaw. (Porkchop).

13)Teddy’s friend with hat: Shot by convict and then finished of by Porkchop with an axe thrust to the shoulder.

14)Bounty hunter #1: Axed on the shoulder and then stabbed in the chest. (Porkchop).

15)Bounty hunter #2: Head crushed with rock. (Porkchop).

16)Bounty hunter #3: Decapitated with handsaw. (Porkchop).

17)Bounty hunter #4: Caught in bear trap and then decapitated with a chainsaw. (Porkchop).

18)Teddy’s friend with yellow shirt: Knife thrown through head by Pig Girl.

19)Escaped convict: Drilled in the forehead while asleep by Pig Girl.  

20)Dave: Face ripped apart by Porkchop.

21)Dave’s girlfriend: Not clear on what happened to her but possibly ripped apart by Porkchop.

22)Small child (son of Porkchop): Thrown at tree and impaled on a branch by Bert.

23)Porkchop: Shot multiple times by Teddy and then beheaded by Heather.  


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