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Film Details:

Director: John Carl Buecher

Year of release: 1988

Country of origin: USA

Running time: 88 minutes

DVD/Blu ray: Not sure but think it may be DVD only

Tagline: "On Friday the 13th Jason is back, but this time someone's waiting".

Also known as: Friday the 13th 7




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Casting the spotlight on the slasher genre

Story: Starting off with a flashback scene we meet a young girl named Tina who is staying at Camp Crystal Lake with her family.  Her parents as it turns out are at loggerheads and after witnessing a big fight between the two Tina runs off along a rickety walkway which extends out over the lake.  As her father attempts to call her back a distressed Tina seems to somehow cause the structure her father is standing on to collapse into the lake below which leaves him trapped and submerged beneath the water.  


We then move forward in time to the present day where Tina now a teenager is struggling with mental health issues after what we now learn proved to be the death of her father years ago.  Tina who we come to discover possesses the ability of telekinesis is wracked with guilt over the accident believing it was her abilities and her lack of control over them which led to her fathers demise.  In an attempt to set her on the road to recovery and lay ghosts to rest Tina’s doctor comes up with the idea of revisiting the site of the tragedy.  Accompanied by both the doctor and her mother Tina returns to Camp Crystal Lake where she begins to integrate with a group of kids her own age who are visiting the lake for a party.  Things quickly go awry however when Tina’s physic abilities accidentally release Jason from his watery grave beneath the lake.  Up to his usual tricks Jason soon runs into difficulties when Tina begins using her powers against him.  




Good points: *I found there to be a number of good characters in this entry with Tina being a strong and likeable final girl with a little bit more depth to her than those we’ve seen before taking into account her troubled mental state.  Maddy I also found to be quite likeable and Eddy the writer is noteworthy if nothing else.  Though he isn’t particularly likeable or well written he is rather odd and certainly something different.  My favourite of the bunch however was Doctor Crews who was great fun and someone I wanted to see more of.  



*It seems like a little more effort has been put into this one story-wise with Tina having her own backstory separate to anything related to Jason.  The whole thing with the telekinesis and the doctor trying to exploit it made it seem as if there was a bit more going on than in some of the previous films which sometimes for me just come across as a series of kills on non-important characters.  Beginning with Part 7 however we saw a change in the franchise where they became a bit more gimmicky and wacky.  Though some didn’t like this I found it gave things a bit of a shot in the arm and from my perspective made for a less predictable experience.



*The telekinesis itself adds some spice to things towards the end where we reach the point where there is a battle between the final girl and Jason.  Tina’s skills enable her to carry the fight to Jason a bit more than what we’ve seen previously and also in a way that we or Jason himself haven’t encountered before.  It makes for an action packed and exciting finale which adds to the viewing experience.  



*Mild spoiler: Towards the end there is an extended sequence where Jason has his mask off and the make-up effects look very good here as do the effects on Jason’s body which has a sort of ravaged by water decayed look.  Following on from what we saw in part 6 he now has more of a corpse or zombie like appearance and as I say the special effects to create this are more than up to par.  Kane Hodder also does a very good job generally throughout the film in playing Jason.  




Bad Points: *The film has been heavily censored unfortunately and as such there is very little gore to go along with the deaths.  As a result many of them are disappointing as the camera cuts away at the critical moment so we don’t properly see what happens.  Despite this though it isn’t all bad news in this area as there a some highlights including something with a sleeping bag and a decapitation.  Jason also uses a bit more variety this time around when it comes to weapons.  



*There are a couple of really noticeably bad stupid bits within the film such as when Maddy after undergoing a makeover to impress one of the boys goes looking for him in the woods instead of in the house where you would logically expect him to be.  


Also silly is the part where Tina experiences a vision of Nick’s cousin being killed and then asks Nick if he has a picture of him so that she can confirm it was him and then Nick just so happens to have such a picture in his wallet.  What kind of man carries around a picture of his cousin in his wallet?  They could have put some more thought in and gotten around this issue by having a college of photos of the birthday boy cousin on the wall in honour of the day and she confirmed his identity through that.  


Spoiler: The ending is a little silly as well where Tina’s Father emerges from the lake to pull Jason down as he looks the same as he did ten years ago or whenever it was.  They kind of had to do that in order for us to immediately recognise him I guess but it would have been better had he have been more decayed from his time underwater as was the case with Jason.  




Verdict: I enjoyed this a bit more than the last couple of Friday’s as I appreciated the extra effort that had been put into the plot and the character development which had slightly more going on than some of the earlier entries with the telekinesis angle.  The more decayed look of Jason is cool and there are some fun characters.  It’s a shame about the heavy censoring and there are a handful of silly moments but overall I found this one quite enjoyable.  

7/10  70/100



Bodycount (contains major spoilers):

1)Tina’s father: Drowns in the lake after being squashed by fallen debris.  

2)Jane: Tent spike to the neck and then impaled on a tree.  

3)Michael: Tent spike thrown through his back.

4)Dan: Jason’s hand is pushed through his body.  Neck also broken.  

5)Judy: Hit against a tree while in a sleeping bag.  

6)Russell: Killed with an axe to the face.  

7)Sandra: Killed by Jason while swimming, most likely just pulled under and drowned.  

8)Maddy: Think her throat was cut with a sickle, possibly stabbed in the chest as well.  

9)Ben: Head crushed.  

10)Kate: Killed with a horn type plastic implement to the eye.  

11)David: Knife to the chest/stomach.  Later decapitated as his head pops up in a couple of places.  

12)Eddie: Neck sliced with machete.  

13)Robin: Thrown through a window.  

14)Tina’s Mother: Used as a shield by Doctor Crews and killed with brush hook.  

15)Doctor Crews: Killed with gardening strimmer type tool to the chest.  

16)Melissa: Killed by an axe to the face.  


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