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Film Details:

Director: Chad Ferrin

Year of release: 2006

Country of origin: USA

Running time: 90 minutes

DVD/Blu ray: DVD only as far as I know.

Taglines: "Don't expect Easter eggs" and "This year there will be no resurrection".




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Casting the spotlight on the slasher genre

Story: At around the time of the Easter holidays a foul mouthed violent thug named Remington holds up a liquor store wearing a rabbit mask and after collecting the money decides to shoot the clerk dead.  Needing a place to lay ow for a while after the crime Remington turns up at the house of a nurse he has been seeing who has a mentally handicapped son of sixteen years who Remington has yet to meet.  The young man named Nicholas is a big fan of Easter time but draws scorn from Remington who looks down his nose at him due to his disability.  Though nice to the boy in front of the mother Remington mistreats him behind her back.  Wanting to avoid the police he suggests he moves into the house full time.  The mother Mindy though pleased agrees only on the condition that Nicholas approves.  Nicholas meanwhile is given a rabbit as a gift by a passing homeless man in exchange for some recyclable items.  The rabbit Nicholas keeps in his room as a pet unbeknownst to Mindy.  Finding out his secret Remington threatens to kill the rabbit should Nicholas not do as he demands.  The next morning Mindy is called away to the hospital to work a double shift leaving her son is Remington's care.  Remington heads out having taken drugs to bring prostitutes back to the house for a party while at the same time inviting a pedophile friend over to 'have fun with Nicholas.  Nicholas however seems to have a guardian angel or in this case a guardian rabbit as a sadistic individual wearing Remington discarded rabbit mask from earlier sets about brutally murdering anyone who doesn't belong in the house.  



Good points: The character of Nicholas as the mentally challenged youth is a really interesting addition to the film which really helps it stand out as I can't think of any other slashers which have placed someone with this kind of disability into such a pivotal role.  He certainly provides the film with a unique aspect and I felt the actor did a really good job in the portrayal.  The Remington character also was entertaining, perhaps a bit over the top and unrealistic but undeniably for me great fun.  


Despite being quite a noticeably low budget affair the film still manages to pack a bit of a punch with the deaths and the gore.  There was good variety in the methods of execution and the weapons used and some solid enough blood effects to back them up.  I did feel there was a downside to some of these scenes though as I'll pick up on later.  All in all though I'd say the deaths delivered with one in particular standing out to me as being great towards the end which involved a sheet of plastic and a knife.    


The Easter Bunny mask looks nice and is an effective disguise.  We don't get the full bunny costume below the mask as we sometimes do in Easter slashers or the Bunnyman franchise but I think that can sometimes look a bit much so I was okay with that not being present here.  


I loved the ending to the film with the reveal of the killer and then another little twist after that.  I was quite surprised with one of the ending twists (in a good way) and though the whole thing is probably a bit far fetched I enjoyed this part so much that it didn't bother me.  Indeed I was left feeling very satisfied.  



Bad Points: One strange thing that left me a bit baffled was the viewpoint we would sometimes get from the killer, or rather whoever was wearing the rabbit mask.  It began with Remington at the start in the shop and then continued on a few times later on in the house once the main killings started.  Basically when seeing things from the rabbit mask wearers point of view we would just see things through a small hole as if the mask only had one eye but as far as I could tell it had two.  Initially at the store hold up near the beginning it confused me so much I at first thought we were looking down some sort of scope attached to the gun.  


There were a couple of aspects relating to the deaths that I didn't appreciate mainly the quick cuts that were often utilised which though artistic I felt got in the way of what we were seeing and ruined certain kills a little bit.  It was also very dark at times such as when Jorge was attacked with the saw and when Ray was in the bedroom.  Speaking of which I was surprised when he was making his way to the bedroom that he seemed to be on the verge of collapse.  Though it seems a very silly thought in hindsight my first reaction was that the pet rabbit was somehow making him ill by supernatural means to protect Nicholas.  I suppose it was just that he was in poor health generally and was so excited at meeting Nicholas that he was having trouble controlling his breathing but it was a bit of an odd scene.


Spoiler in this point.  As good as the ending was I felt it was a bit unrealistic that Remington stayed alive for as long as he did after having his throat cut.  They needed to have the killer have someone here to talk to and kind of provide an explanation I understand but normally when someone sustains this injury they die pretty much straight away but here Remington stayed alive for ages and even spoke back once or twice.  


Two very small nitpicking things here.  Firstly it was strange that Mindy didn't ask what the covered object was set in front of Nicholas when she was talking to him in his bedroom.  I know he covered the rabbit cage up but you would think she would wonder what was underneath the covers seeing that it was right in front of her.  Also I thought it was slightly weird how they had so much plastic sheeting up all over the house.  It was being remodeled I know but you'd think they would just stick to working on one room at a time so as not to be living in such a mess.  It did contribute to an awesome kill though so I can't complain too much.  



Verdict: Easter Bunny Kill Kill proved to be a lot better than I was expecting and has quickly catapulted itself to being among my favourite seasonal slashers.  The Nicholas character was a master stroke for me as I thought he brought a freshness to the film and the ending was top notch.  It is very sleazy at times in particular with the pedophile character and some may be offended by the whole Nicholas thing so it won't be for everybody.  After the opening kill it also takes a while for the others to arrive with there being a lot of character building going on between Nicholas, Remington and Mindy.  Though I was fine with this it may turn some off in the way that something like Girl School Screamers gets criticised by some for taking too long to get started.  For me though I very much enjoyed this and may make it an Easter tradition.




Bodycount (contains major spoilers):

1) Store clerk: Shot in the head by Remington.

2) Ray: Stabbed in the eye and then finished off with a drill.  

3) Jorge: Cut up with an electric handsaw type tool.  

4) Bearded heavy (Jesus?): Hit in the head with a hammer multiple times and then finished off by Remington later with something (maybe a torch).  

5) Candy: Broom handle driven through mouth.  

6) Brooke: Plastic sheet pulled over face to suffocate and then at the same time stabbed in the neck.  

7) Remington: Throat cut.

8) Mexican woman (Lupe?) Killed off camera by homeless man who later shows of her decapitated head in a bag.  She must have been killed earlier in fact but we only learn of her death at the end.    


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