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Film Details:

Director: Dustin Ferguson

Year of release: 2016

Country of origin: USA

Running time: 70 minutes

DVD/Blu ray: Both

Tagline: "Clowns kick ass".




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Casting the spotlight on the slasher genre

Story: Taking place a few months after Camp Blood 4 we learn that Raven has survived the previous massacre as apparently the unknown killer fled into the night leaving her untouched after the slaying of Michael.  Left badly shaken by the ordeal Raven is now plagued by nightmares and is regularly visiting a psychiatrist.  Though she remains convinced of what she saw in the woods the night of the bloodbath in that a second killer was also at large the police and her therapist take a different view.  They believe that Raven herself killed Michael in self defence and is now in denial and supressing the memories of doing so.  Convinced of her own version of events Raven heads back out to the Camp Blood site along with two friends with weapons in hand to find and put an end to the surviving killer once and for all.  




Good points: Much like with its predecessor it is difficult to pick out positives from this but one little thing I did like is the character of Raven’s brother.  This fellow appears briefly in both films talking on the telephone on each occasion.  In number 4 he has a conversation with Raven and in this one is on the phone to their mother.  In the short time we hear from him he comes across as a nice guy and someone who just comes across better than Raven herself.  Perhaps this guy should have been the main character instead as I think he would better serve as someone we can root which I feel is a weakness of the actual lead Raven.  This character of the brother whom I think  may be called Shawn is actually played by YouTube personality CoolDuder so if you’re a fan of his channel you may want to check these two films out just to see his cameo appearances.  


The character of Raven’s mom was okay as well.  She came across more sympathetically than her daughter and seemed to be a caring mother.  I’d say she looked a tad too young to be Raven’s mom but she did a decent enough job.  She also has a nude shower scene which despite being kind of pointless and another time wasting tactic does prove she has a great body so we’re treated to some eye candy if nothing else.


Along with part 4 this does very much have its own identity with all of the characters having a rock/alternative look.  This isn’t something we see to this degree very often but it is on display in spades here for both films.  Quite whether this can be classed as a positive thing or not I’m not entirely sure but it does make this feel a bit more unique.  


There wasn’t quite as much annoying rock music playing in the background this time around, something I felt there was far too much of in part 4.  


With all of the more interesting bits from the previous outing included here this does kind of hold up as a stand alone film so you could save yourself some time and just watch this and still get the gist of what happened previously.  This is a negative too of course as if you did see number 4 then you have to sit through much of the same stuff but I suppose the other side of the coin is that it does save you from watching two bad films if you skipped the first and went straight to this.  




Bad Points: I was left disappointed by the mask in this instalment.  I didn’t feel that it was on the level of what we’ve seen previously and was easily the worst from the franchise so far.  I was saddened by this as I actually had high hopes for it.  You see during the opening credits of number 4 in we see a mask which I liked the look of which actually didn’t appear properly in that film.  At the end however with the guy killing Michael from behind it looked as if this new killer could possibly be wearing this mask from the credits from the quick glimpse we get so I’d hoped it would be the new mask for this film (number 5).  When we do get a proper look at our killer this time out though I don’t think the mask looked good at all.  So either a totally different mask was used this time instead of the one appearing in number 4’s intro or it was just tweaked or modified a lot (in my opinion for the worse).  It actually may have just been a graphic of a mask in number 4’s intro instead of an actual mask so if so perhaps the physical mask when created didn’t live up to the picture.  Whatever the case it was bad anyway is what I’m trying to say.  


A major flaw hampering this film is that we just don’t see enough of the killer.  Camp Blood 5 is a film with quite a low body count with the maniac himself getting very little screen time indeed.  There aren’t many of them but when the kills do occur the special effects are really basic.  Spoiler: The scene at the end where Raven hacks body parts off the killer in particular looks awful.  This isn’t a major issue as if they don’t have much money there isn’t a whole lot they can do but still it’s another nail in the coffin.  


Aa with the previous film there is essentially no script again with all sorts of time wasting tricks being utilised to try and eat up the running time.  This time around we see Raven for several minutes browsing outfits and masks in a costume shop.  There is no costume party later in the film nor does she buy anything so it’s a complete waste of time.  We also get to see Raven and her mom watching Tv together which I kid you not seemingly goes on forever.  It must be at least ten to fifteen minutes!  Among what they show us on their screen is one of director Dustin Ferguson’s other slashers Meathook Massacre.  This would have been a nice little nod and wink if they had just shown us fifteen seconds or so worth of footage but it goes on for absolutely ages.  Plus why would Raven even be watching this sort of thing when she is supposed to be traumatised by similar real life events?  Finally when visiting her therapist Raven recounts most of the key moments from number 4 so we have to sit through endless clips of that again.  Plus much of it was stuff she wasn’t even present for such as her friend coming onto Kyle and the slaughter of the unknown campers.  It does serve as nice catch up if you skipped the last film but if your watching this you are most likely a fan of the series and have seen number 4 so the last thing you want is to have to watch it all again.


From reading my story rundown you would think the showdown in the woods with Raven and her friends vs the killer would take up a large part of the movie but because of all the filler it only gets a few minutes.  Plus it’s so dark you can’t even see as clearly as you would like what’s going on.  For some reason just prior to heading out for the showdown Raven takes the time to change outfits dressing up really sexy.  If anything though you would think she would dress more practically and put more clothes on seeing that they are going out into the woods at night.  This isn’t a problem as such just a funny little thing I noticed.


The character of Raven herself doesn’t come across very well and to me just seems bitchy and petulant more than anything else.  After spending two films with her now I kind of felt like the more I saw of her the less I liked her.  




Verdict: After watching number 4 I didn’t think it could get any worse but somehow it does!  This is pretty much universally awful all across the board The worst offense is all the filler material in particular the stuff at the therapists office which just recycles all the action scenes from the previous film.  I understand they probably had very little money and from watching the behind the scenes extras apparently bad weather played havoc with the shooting schedule but there is still no excuse for such a weak script.  A lot more effort should have gone into the writing because as it stands I don’t think they have enough material for one movie let alone the two that Dustin Ferguson ended up making.  





Bodycount (contains major spoilers):

1)Man with Bright Eyes shirt: Run through with machete while kissing his girlfriend.

2)Jenn: Flees from the killer and in doing so trips over at which point she is killed with a machete.  We just see her blood splashing up a tree.  

3)Kerrie: Backed up against a tree and stabbed with machete.  

4)The killer: Knocked out by Raven with machete handle and then tied up and hacked apart.  


There may have actually been a fifth kill as the partner of the man with the Bright Eyes shirt was captured and towards the end was seen bloodied and tied up.  It wasn’t clear if she was actually dead though as the killer appeared to still be toying with her when distracted by the arrival of Raven’s party.  


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