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It is my intention with this site to eventually build up a vast archive of slasher film reviews ranging from early proto-slashers to those released in the present day.  The slasher boom period of course occurred in the eighties so as such many of the reviews will feature films from that decade though I do watch a lot of modern slashers as well so this should ensure a good mix of material to analyse.  In many ways in fact I actually prefer modern slashers to those from the eighties though I realise I'm probably in the minority with this way of thinking.  Though many mainstream films will be featured I'll also be covering a lot of lesser known independent films including those with very small or even micro budgets.  With these lower budget efforts I do try and take the limited funds into account when delivering my final grade.  I usually add one review a week most commonly on a Monday or Tuesday.  I list films that begin with "A" or "The" under the next letter so for example The Prowler would be found under P and not T.    


For the most part I'll do my best to not reveal any major plot spoilers in the main body of the reviews though of course on occasion I'll need to do so in order to discuss the point or observation that I wish to make.  In these instances I'll do my best to add a spoiler warning.  At the conclusion of each review beneath the verdict score out of ten I'll include a body count which I'll try and ensure is as accurate as possible.  For this list I don't generally count deaths that have occurred in flashback or dream sequences.  This body count list will of course contain major spoilers so is best avoided if you haven't seen the film in question.  


For my rating system I use a one to ten grading system with one obviously being the worst score I can give a film and ten the best.  Below is a breakdown of what I mean specifically with each number.  As of early November 2018 I have further expanded the rating system to also include a figure out of 100.  This is because I was finding that I was grouping a lot of films together under certain numbers, for example I tend to give out a lot of 5's and 7's.  Some of these 7's for example were of course better than others so to include a secondary number as well (in the case of a 7 between 61 and 70) helps me better differentiate them.    


10 (91-100)= A fantastic film where everything is pretty much perfect or so close to being so it may as well be.  You wouldn't want to change anything with the film.


9 (81-90)= An excellent film which you would highly recommend though perhaps it contains a few small niggles that just let it down ever so slightly and prevent it from being a perfect ten.  


8 (71-80)= Very good and certainly something you'd probably want to own and watch again.  Has it's issues maybe that prevent it from being truly great but nothing to detract too much from an enjoyable experience.  Something you'd recommend.    


7 (61-70)= A good film with more good things going on than bad but there could be plenty of room for improvement and there could be some things within the film that fall flat and don't work.  


6 (51-60)= Decent enough but only just above average.  Has good things going on for sure but also a lot of bad qualities which muddy the waters and let the whole thing down quite noticeably.  


5 (41-50)= Middle of the road and very average.  Not something to be recommended to anyone other than genre fans.  


4 (31-40)= More bad than good but possibly it has a few redeeming features which would still make it worth a look to very hardcore genre fans.  


3 (21-30)= Very bad and not something you'd want to watch again.  Probably has one good thing going for it that enabled it to avoid the even lower numbers but whatever is good is all but lost in the bad.


2 (11-20)= Terrible and something you would want to avoid seeing again if at all possible.  


1 (1-10)= The absolute bottom of the barrel.  So bad it is hard to believe it was sanctioned to be released.  One to be avoided at all costs and a film you would go out of your way to warn others about.  


On another note I'll quickly say that for the sister YouTube channel I initially used a five star rating system but this was quickly scrapped in favour of the system described above.  For the YouTube channel although there may be exceptions from time to time I'll mainly be sticking to uploading reviews for films that currently don't have many (if any) review videos already on YouTube.  I don't tend to upload many videos anymore as I don't feel they're quite my forte but on the rare occasion I do I've also branched out into other types of content such as franchise rankings, collection updates etc.  



If you have found my site then you almost certainly know of these ones as well but if not be sure to check them out.  At one time there was another popular slasher review site by name of A Slash Above but it sadly isn’t around anymore.  You can however still sometimes find A Slash Above reviews if looking under the critic section on the IMDB.












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