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This site is my outlet for reviewing and analysing films from within the slasher genre. In addition to straight slashers I’ll also be looking at films at the more supernatural end of the sub-genre as well as the occasional Giallo with slasher trappings.  I'll be reviewing films both old and new from well-known franchise films to lesser known obscurities.  In particular I like to look in depth at the less familiar entries, films which perhaps don’t have many reviews online or which haven’t received much attention even from other slasher sites.


Though written reviews are my main focus I also sometimes put out videos.  In the future I also hope to start doing more lists and ranking type features such as my current franchise list.  


New content will be posted in the box to the right.  I try to update roughly three times a month.  




Website closure notice







It’s with regret that I have to announce the end of the line for the website. Unfortunately I’ll no longer be able to update with new content as of January 2021 onward. This is due to the demise of Adobe Flash Player which the site in its current state relies upon.


I’ll be continuing with the YouTube channel and I’ll be making an effort to put out a couple of videos per month going forward. This increased YouTube activity may not happen straight away but by the spring I’ll aim to be posting videos fairly regularly on that platform. Most likely I’ll keep the Twitter account going as well.  


Links to both the YouTube and Twitter accounts can be found in the top right corner of the homepage here.  













































































































































































































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